ELTS Asia’s online courses are carefully structured by our expert online English teachers to boost learning and lessen the time needed to become fluent.

Whether your objective is to learn English to travel abroad, to pass IELTS, or to be fluent in Business English, your Basic English will always be insufficient. Check out our offered online English courses below.

Test preparation

This online English course is designed to change your life by giving you the keys to open doors to your career and education. ELTS has true language experts that have very specific knowledge about IELTS.

Everyday English

This English speaking course is intended to attain everyday English fluency in the shortest time possible. Master idioms, English phrases and vocabulary, grammar and spoken English for the most common and popular topics. Survive easily using real-world English.

Travel English

If you’re planning a trip abroad and would like to learn English phrases/sentences used by travelers,this online English course helps students easily learn the language needed for all common travel situations.

Business English

This program is designed to develop your career and business opportunities. This course comprises culture, communication approaches and the most common language used in business. If you want to improve quickly in certain business functions, like presenting, negotiating,

Interview & Resumes

Learn to excel and be confident at an interview. This program lets you practice the techniques, culture and psychology of an interview and helps you to prepare your competitive and professional CV/resume and we make sure it will get seen


Don’t allow writing slow you down. It’s not as difficult as you think whenever you know the language and right methods in business writing. When people do not know you or see you, they will judge you by your writing. Give powerful impressions and you can get more chances.

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