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Learn English with friends if you think you’re not too confident doing it alone. One of the easiest ways to learn English is to find a friend who speaks English fluently, someone who is a native speaker, or could be someone who is also learning English. This does NOT mean only with natives because there are many people who speak English as their second language.
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Most people know that it is a fantastic idea to learn English language with a friend, but many people do not know where to find people who speak English. There are numerous resources that can aid you in finding people. They include internet and group English courses and also good word of mouth.
You can also study the different online group classes and find those with the English culture. These groups are surest way to have native English speakers in them or experienced English teachers who are willing to help you.
Many English speakers are in live group classes. You can link up with one of them who would not mind to help you to learn English. In addition, some high schools and universities have foreign-exchange students.
If you cannot find friends that can help you, Native speakers or English speakers can be found in group English courses and forums. They might be able to offer suggestions for other resources that you can use to locate a person who may be ready to have conversation with you in English.
Engaging in group discussion with colleagues/friends has the many benefits.
Here are some of the main benefits:
It shows you your weakness – it improves you.
Learning English with friends/colleagues helps you to know your weaknesses. This can help you focus and improve on your weakness.
It improves your communication skills.
By involving in group discussions with friends you can improve your communication skills. Once you find a friend /colleague, you will find that you will learn English much faster than if you studied on your own.  Talking with friends/colleagues will help challenge your memory and use of English in everyday circumstances. This is something that is not always found in the textbooks.
It enhances your learning–make learning easier
Speaking English with a friend will really increase the amount of fun you will have while learning English, and that will also make the process a lot easier. Attending a group English courses with your friends where they meet to speak in English. They can help each other and have fun practicing.
Provide opportunities to test your opinions and ideas
Discussion with colleague provide opportunities to test your opinions and ideas against the opinions and ideas of their friends. It is essential to set the right tone for discussion with your friends, and to establish a rapport with your colleagues.