About ELTS Asia

Founded in 2012 and managed by English language experts, ELTS ensures that education and learning is the heartbeat of the business. ELTS Asiaโ€™s online teachers work hard to guarantee the strictest and the highest standards in all facets of the training we offer. ELTS has the honor of offering the best online learning platform for English. The main goal of this platform is to support our clients who are still struggling in the English language and help them reach a world-class Standard English. Our teachers offer their best efforts to improve your command in English language and bring significant improvement in your command of English. We assess and train all our online teachers to excel in bespoke teaching methods.


To provide quality English language instruction to all individuals who have chosen English as their medium of communication for academic or professional pursuits and to promote international and intercultural understanding and help everyone reach a world-class Standard English.


To become one of the leading institutes in Asia by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding.