What are the top secrets to speaking English successfully? Do you have what it takes to speak good English? Dedication and maintaining positive attitude will help you to learn new experiences in life but when you are learning a new language such as English there are specific tips that can guide you to attain your goals. Here is the list of top six secrets to aid you to learn English successfully. 

1. Be brave
You need the right attitude to improve your English. Take advantage of all the opportunities you have to practice, like speaking English with people at a party, approaching a stranger who seems lost or just raising your hand and asking the teacher something. Remember that every mistake is an opportunity to learn, so do not be afraid to make mistakes from time to time.

2. Remove it and  re-assemble it

To be a good English speaker, you need to carry out several things simultaneously: knowing (and choosing) the right vocabulary, using suitable grammar and good sentence structures and being able to say sounds, accents, rhythm, and intonations well. Work with these elements separately and then practice to put them together to form your words more correct and speak more fluently.


3. Use your body to speak English
Non-verbal communication is very important to speak English effectively, even for those who speak English as their mother tongue. Use gestures, body language, and facial expressions to explain something, and try to read what the other person’s body language is trying to tell you. Also, think about your posture. The way you stand or sit can be the difference between being bored or interested in what the person is telling you.

4.  Write about speaking English
Even if you do not like to hear your own voice, this is a very useful way of seeing where you are failing when you speak English. Shout talking and then listen to how you hear, or ask a native if he can help you. Also look for positive things. Write down all the things you do well when you speak English. If you ever lack motivation, look at that list of things you do well to feel better and encourage you to continue learning and speaking English.

5. Learn to interact & Make friends with people who speak English
A conversation refers to an interaction with another person and involves both being able to listen and being able to speak English. Check if the other person understands you using conversation approaches such as rephrasing, re-tagging or using expressions such as “Yes you understand me, do not you?” Or “What do you think?” Give the other individual the opportunity to talk and use his/her answers to aid you to think what you are going to say next.
If you really want to learn to speak English well, you need to meet people with whom you can speak English. This does NOT mean only with natives. There are many people who speak English as a second language and it is also very important to be able to learn different accents. Start an English club with your friends where they meet to speak in English. They can help each other and have fun practicing.

6. Take extra classes
If you feel that you need more practice and want to interact with other English learners, why not get into English language training program? There are many online English schools to learn languages and also expert online English teachers. You can learn English online with one of the trusted and best English online classes institute; ELTS ASIA. You only need hearing aids and microphones to speak English with everyone!
Try each of these tips for a week and check which ones work best for you or, even better, put them into practice in our English online classes.